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Meet Chef Ted

Chef Ted started 17 years ago and as a Master Chef specializing in Mediterranean and Market Garden Cuisine. Working for many years as Head Chef in many prestigious restaurants, he decided to start his own business 'All Events Catering' to bring his flavours and dishes into your home. Chef Ted prepares the cuisine in any style and customizes each clients menu for their dinner parties and special events.

"The ideal way to provide the Best Catering service is to not have a set menu, Rather it is better to speak directly to our clients and have YOU tell us what you would like, and we will prepare the cuisine in any style." ~ Chef Ted


Hot Off The Grill


Grilled marinated Meat of choice, cooked as you prefer from Blue rare to Well done (marinades in a wine vinaigrette and herb combination.

Fresh Vegetable Batonette (Eggplant,Zuccini,or any other vegetable of choice marinated in a light wine sauce and grilled to perfection, allowing an amazing taste experience to this healthy green vegetable..topped with a mild blend of fresh herbs.

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Fresh Garden Salads


Market Garden mesclun mix salad with season fresh veggies and dressing..all homemade..of choice. A perennial favorite and delightful dressing would be Raspberry Vinaigrette all mildly herbed for the perfect marriage of flavors, generating a healthy taste experience.

Crispy Caesar and grilled chicken Caesar salad with homemade lightly herbed croutons fresh parmesan cheese and a succulent tangy dressing, topped with crispy bacon strips dipped in Maple syrup.

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Succulent Seafood


Choice of Grilled Seafood..topped with a light seafood sauce or lemon garlic marinade. Lightly grilled fresh coho salmon filets pre-marinated in a light ,tangy cream dill sauce, topped with mild herbs and a side lemon wedge.

Seasonal Alaskan King Crab Legs..steamed, then Grilled to seal in the semi sweet, pallet pleasing texture..offering a flakyand wonderful seafood experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

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